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The Chicken Thief Soldier

A collage of The Chicken Thief Soldier and award first horizon award

Twin River

A collage of Twin River and award indie book reward award

Twin River II
Have Weapons Will Travel


Twin River III
A Death At One Thousand Steps


Twin River IV

cover of TWIN RIVER IV CU when U get there

One Grey Night It Happened

cover of One Grey Night It Happened

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The Chicken Thief Soldier

The Chicken Thief Soldier:
A Death at Valley Forge (2012)

(Finalist: Eric Hoffer Award in Independent Publishing)

A book that is part of a teen murder mystery book series

Twin River (2013)

(Finalist: Next Generation Indie Book Awards)
(Readers’ Favorite) A solid and entertaining thriller, with twists and turns that keep you intrigued and surprised till the end.

Twin River III: a Death at One Thousand Steps

(Twin River II: Have Weapons Will Travel (2014)

(Finalist: Next Generation Indie Book Awards)
(Readers’ Favorite) The darkness of teens becoming killers hangs over the entire book and creates a tone that is both sad and thrilling.
(Kirkus Reviews) This grisly thriller will sink its teeth right in you.

Twin River Ii: Have Weapons Will Travel

Twin River III:
A Death at One Thousand Steps (2015)

(Pacific Book of the Year Suspense Category) Readers who love gritty crime novels like The Godfather will love Twin River III.
(Blue Ink Review) The violence, machismo, and locale recall nothing so much as David Morrell’s infamous debut novel First Blood.
(Kirkus Reviews) Fans of raw 1970s narratives (Deliverance and Straw Dogs) will find much to cheer.

Cover of TWIN RIVER IV CU when U get there

Twin River IV:
C U When U Get There (2016)

(Readers’ Favorite) Intense, sinister, and thrilling, Michael Fields has finished the Twin River Series with a powerful ending.
(Kirkus Reviews) The latest visit to Twin River becomes an exhilarating exercise in sustained, multipronged tension.
(Blue Ink Review) In the vein of the Billy Jack movies from the counterculture era, this is not a novel for the faint of heart.

Cover of One Grey Night It Happened

One Grey Night It Happened (2020)

(Kirkus Reviews) The story is ambitious from the get-go as it tackles such issues as racism and school shootings.
(The US Review of Books)…a gripping, fascinating story with characters that are easy to cheer for and a book that is hard to put down.
(Readers’ Favorite) One Grey Night It Happened is a highly recommended read for its realism, emotional resonance, and accomplished writing style.